Responding to changing environments

The turmoil experienced over the last few months and the threat to our lives as we knew it, will result in an increase in anxiety for many. The difficulties and challenges faced will have an impact on individuals, and it is being mindful of this as we make the transition from one way of life, to another. 

A life-threatening illness has caused immense disruption and devastation globally; our behaviours, routines, health, feelings, relationships, and financial situations have all been affected. From the initial lockdown, to the easing of the restrictions on our everyday lives, it is to be expected that many people will experience psychological and emotional destress on some level. 

In a talk for mental wellbeing platform, Head Talks, our MD and Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Charlotte Armitage shares her top 5 tips on how to respond and react to the changing environment we now find ourselves in, including:

  1. Increased levels of anxiety 
  2. Managing expectations 
  3. Acknowledging change in others 
  4. Compassion 
  5. Opportunities in reflection