We offer a range of psychotherapies including:

Our therapeutic services can support a range of difficulties including:

qualified psychologistS and Psychotherapists

Our psychologists and psychotherapists are qualified and registered with appropriate governing bodies for their specific services. You can rest assured that you and your employees will be looked after by mental health professionals.


Outsourced Psych offers different packages to suit the requirements of your business

Once a package is purchased, you can be confident that the psychological health of your employees is managed appropriately in the hands of qualified and registered psychological health professionals. Your employees have the freedom to contact us directly to organise their psychological support sessions. This enables your workforce to feel secure and protected when reaching out for psychological support and it ensures that confidentiality is maintained. Organisations can choose between 3 options

Pay as you go

£90-£130 per therapeutic hour. Price dependant on nature of therapeutic service required.

Monthly Retainer: £250

Our monthly retain package ensures you have the confidence and knowledge that your employees’ psychological wellbeing will be managed by a team of qualified and registered mental health professionals outside of the workplace.

Also included:

Workplace welcome meeting.
Monthly psychological health and wellbeing newsletter.
Access to video resources from experts sharing insight, advice and tips.
Free access for C-suite to telephone advice if you have concerns about an employee.
Permission for the inclusion of our psychological health services in your company policies.
Permission for the use of Outsourced Psych "Supporting Employee Psychological Health" branding to be displayed on your website and throughout your premises to indicate your commitment to supporting the psychological health of your employees.

Quarterly or yearly reports where appropriate (reports do not contain confidential client information)

When paying the monthly retainer figure, therapeutic hours can be purchased in bundles.

Employers can purchase packages of hours which can be accessed by their employees throughout a 12-month period.

- 50 therapeutic hours: £4000 (£80 per hour)
- 100 therapeutic hours: £7000 (£70 per hour)
- 500 therapeutic hours: £30000 (£60 per hour)

Bespoke packages

For large or small organisations where our standard retainer and bundle packages are not appropriate, we are able to offer bespoke packages to suit the needs of your organisation and employees. Please contact us to organise a call back to discuss your requirements.

C-Suite Training on Managing the Psychological Health of Employees

1 day training: £1200

Return to work packages

Return to work packages start at £300 per employee. This includes a one hour individual return to work session and a full feedback report stating any recommended changes or considerations that need to be made for each employee.
"It was a pleasure working with Charlotte recently to support the Wellbeing of employees at STV. Charlotte and I met virtually over Zoom and immediately I felt that she could be of support to our Mental Health Awareness programme for 2020. Charlotte delivered an online zoom session to our employees focusing on the impacts of lockdown and how this was affecting mental wellbeing. Charlotte facilitated a discussion and ensured that every voice was heard. Through her down to earth approach and focused, concise, clear advice our employees opened up in a way I have not seen before at work. Charlotte is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced in her field and has a lovely personality which makes her extremely easy to talk to and work with. Thanks again Charlotte for a great session".
Lorna Miller - STV