essential considerations

Mental health and mental wellbeing in the workplace are essential considerations for any modern, successful business and employer. Staff turnover, sickness and lost productivity resulting in poor mental health cost UK employers £42 billion last year. However, the complexities of mental health can be overwhelming with many employers unsure how to provide the proper support.


Outsourced Psych has been created for organisations who are committed to supporting and investing in their staff when it comes to their psychological wellbeing. Founded by Business Psychologist, Charlotte Armitage, Outsourced Psych provides you with the confidence and reassurance your team has the support of trusted mental health experts.

We go beyond

Our team of psychologists and psychotherapists have undergone years of training and assessment in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities. We go beyond the role of a mental health first aider or mental health awareness training.

positive steps

When an employee reaches out to their employer regarding their mental health, this is a hugely positive step for everyone involved. A Time to Charge survey found just 13% of employees would be comfortable talking about mental illness at work due to repercussions and stigma.


The sooner an individual can receive the correct treatment and support the need, the quicker their recovery and ability to address any underlying issues.

outsourced psych

Our flexible, outsourced support ensures you can provide members of staff with the tailored therapy or counselling they need, as and when it is required.