Re-integrating and responding to the ‘new’ normal

The last few months has been extremely challenging emotionally, mentally, and physically for many. Change has dominated every aspect of our lives. From being confined to our homes and social interaction reduced to a minimum, to health fears, bereavement, job losses and financial concerns, there have been a variety of variables that have impacted our mental health and wellbeing. With perhaps the biggest change yet to come, we are living in unfamiliar territory. 

The aim is for both individuals and organisations to navigate their way through these challenges, in a psychologically health way. The first step in doing this is understanding and accepting that things have changed, and it is normal for people to feel anxious, overwhelmed and even displaced by the new world that we find ourselves in. 

It is important to be aware and conscious of the changes we can expect to our physical environments, workplaces, personal relationships, and social lives. By easing ourselves back into routines, a sense of order and control will follow that will help manage many of the anxieties people are experiencing. 

Communication and compassion will play an important role in helping people both socially and in the workplace, relate and understand each other; how individuals demonstrate their vulnerabilities and anxieties will differ considerably and it is important we all play our part in navigating our way through the ongoing challenges we all we face.   

Outsourced Psych’s founder and MD, Charlotte Armitage spoke with editor-in-chief of Psychologies magazine, Suzy Walker to look at ways we can learn to: 

  • Maintain healthy new behaviours learnt in lockdown
  • Manage your return to work anxieties
  • Relate to others in an unfamiliar world.